About ISI-S
How to Join
How To Join ISI-S

ISI-S was founded in order to bring together intelligent, friendly and respectful minds  who also value creativity. The standard for admission is an IQ/IEQ of at least 151 (sd 16), which is at or above the 99.93 percentile of the unselected population. Besides the IQ requirement one also has to provide some evidence of being creative. Some examples include: Artwork, Poems, Photographs, Homepages, Drawings etc.

Qualifying scores attained on most well-known IQ/IEQ tests will be accepted for admission. For more information, please have a look at this list with the worlds most popular intelligence tests.

If you would like to join ISI-S, please send a copy of your qualifying score report, creative evidence and photo ID with ID# covered by e-mail to 151.hiiqsociety@gmail.com

If you have achieved an IQ/IEQ score of 140 (sd 16) on an acceptable test, you can still join us as a subscriber.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into ISI-S.