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About Isi-s

The Purpose Of This Society
Isi-s (151-Society) was founded with the aim of bringing together intelligent individuals who also value creativity. The intention of the society is not to limit membership to individuals with only a high IQ, because IQ in itself is not a sufficient indicator of creativity. However, the only practical, objective and fair way we can discriminate at this level is to use high range or other IQ tests as tools for admission.

The Tests We Have Selected
The tests we have selected as the main tools for admission are those that we feel require a fair degree of creative thinking, especially at high levels (above the level of IQ 151). One must keep in mind that many of the high range tests have theoretical IQs attached to them, but this does not mean that it is only IQ that is being measured by them. These high range tests could also be measuring other qualities such as creativity, motivation and persistence. Therefore, we could simply be selecting people who are just good puzzle solvers and nothing more.

IQ And Intelligence
We do not in any way endorse the view that IQ is all that there is to intelligence as there is not one set definition of intelligence. While many scholars such as Arthur Jensen argue that IQ and g are the best representations of intelligence that we have, it is clear that IQ is only one piece of the puzzle. Other theorists such as Robert Sternberg and Howard Gardner advocate very different views. While IQ is undoubtedly important to some extent, it is only one measure of intellect. What might be even more important to measure is the extent to which IQ is utilized to its full potential.

IQ And Creativity
It is well known that IQ is not well correlated with creativity. While Arthur Jensen argues that a certain threshold of IQ or g is required to be creative at high levels, this does not rule out the possiblity that very creative individuals might not have a high IQ at all. Therefore we feel that IQ and creativity are both important. In addition to this, creativity does not have one set definition. Both IQ and creativity are very difficult to define because there are so many perspectives that all add to our understanding of the human mind and its capabilities and expressions. From our perspective, this is a good thing, as it is important to think critically about every point of view in order to extract from each of these what is valuable.

IQ Tests In General
From our perspective, it is important to remember that many of the societies in our community have been founded as an opportunity for individuals who perform well on high range tests and/or also have a high IQ to interact with one another, build friendships, and exchange ideas. We created ISI-S not in an attempt to add another society with a certain announced cutoff, but to start a group that required a high level of both intelligence and hopefully creativity to join. Our cutoff of 151 (sd 16) is not an astronomical one, and anyone who scores high enough on a well recognized high range or other IQ test will be welcomed as part of the group.

Isi-s and WIN
Since june 2006 Isi-s is affiliated with World Intelligence Network (WIN).

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